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Christian Wilderness Press

-  Welcome to the Internet home of Ron and Barbara Johnson. Lord willing we wish to encourage our brothers and sisters in their walks before our Father and Lord Jesus Christ, especially regarding what the Apostle Paul and others wrote about faith (which is present in all scripture). Jesus said of his Bible (the Old Testament), "...the weightier matters of the law, [are] judgment, mercy, and faith." (Matthew 23:23) And in Hebrews 11:6  'But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.'

-  Barbara and I are living the 'walk of faith'. We have been in the mountains of Wyoming for 39 years. Read a short note about us below. (Read more about us on our 'Ron and Barbara' page. )

-  Faith-life is simple. No matter where you live or what is your lifestyle, Biblical faith is simple and it simplifies life: yet, many Christians have tried to complicate it by following formulas or even curriculum (thus, varied doctrines and teachings of faith exist).

-  The thought behind our phrase for this website - Christian Wilderness Press, - is in regards to our publishing name and thus our Internet presence It is based upon all that God was doing with and for His people Israel during forty years in the wilderness. The first generation was rebellious and therefore lost its opportunity with God for the victories to come later. Even so, their children (who made up the second generation) grew up observing God taking care of their parents' every need; and so they developed into a generation that lived and operated by faith.
    Those younger Israelites had come to know the Provision of God, but they also had observed the
developing faith of their repentant parents. Consequently, those younger Israelites acquired a heart toward victory-by-faith. In the Wilderness, then, God built a Remnant with which to accomplish His purpose of the Abrahamic Covenant. By the time Remnant-Israel crossed over the Jordan River into Canaan we see that all dross had been removed... even 'the reproach (or stench) of Egypt'. (Joshua 5:9,10)

-  For Christians, then, wilderness living has to do with testing, humbling, clarifying, un-cluttering, character-remolding and other such things. The process is many-cycled and, if one is willing, it is fully provided for by the Provider. And Biblical faith is an essential element in all of it.
-  Dear visitor, every true Christian has the Faith of Heaven, of which Jesus and Paul often spoke, for God has placed it in each of His children. And if you are one that feels like God has entered you into unfamiliar circumstances, then perhaps you have entered your own proverbial wilderness right in the midst of what seems familiar and normal to everyone else. If this has happened to you, it is because God is pleased with your willingness toward Him.

God pressed upon His people Israel forty years of Wilderness Living, during which
much dross was removed and they finally bonded together as one in their Lord.

This happened to Barbara and me as we responded to the Lord's pulling (or more likely pushing) because we were willing to be pushed. As a couple we found ourselves in a God-caused-wilderness... in our case it is an actual wilderness region in the mountains of Wyoming. But with most Christians it is more a withdrawal from busy necessities of life into simply relying on the Lord. Such wildernesses are physically different for each Christian (or Christian couple). (I was busy in my engineering work when it happened to us.) But the spiritual aspect of it is much the same... even as unfamiliar things in the Lord unfold in similar fashion. It is scary. What we knew or thought we knew continually evaporates. How can what was true and stable for years just evaporate? The individual's (or the couple's) values change to the point that friends and often family will gaze at them as "odd". Though this is not yet the place of real discipleship, the Lord is drawing toward it. In time, He may physically remove the person (or couple) from familiar circumstance (as He did the Israelites from Egypt) into a place of less struggle toward dependence upon faith and upon His Provision.
    Did I say, "It is humbling"?
    Usually, being more into one's Bible helps; it has surely helped us; thus, it is to this end that we aspire in our studies. And with this website, then, we seek to encourage others in their studies.
    In other words, we consider ourselves (Ron in particular) to be
students of God and His Word (not preacher, teacher, or any such thing, but students). Our writings in books and in short bible studies and sermons are provided so that you may peek over our shoulders (so to speak) at what we have studied and are studying. Thus, encouraging you toward your own studies (while not trying to convince you of doctrines) is our goal.

-  Ron's formal education is BS electrical engineering at Lamar Tech (now Lamar University) and MS electrical and ocean engineering at University of Miami. He worked 10 years in research and design. A year into his first engineering job in Florida he met Barbara and a year and a half later they were married. Five years later little Ben was born, whereupon Barbara retired from teaching at a Christian school for the career of wife and mother.
   Barbara has a BS in elementary education and worked for six years, three years in public education and three years in a Christian school teaching second grade.
   Ron had nine years into engineering work when the Lord indicated that He had something else for him to do; and Ron agreed to that. But the Lord kept him waiting for another year before clearly indicating that it was time to quit his job and leave engineering. Another year passed before the Lord led Ron, Barbara, and little Ben to a small town in the Western Wyoming Mountains. We have been here ever since, learning (and experiencing) the walk-in-faith (a phrase often used by Paul).

-  Our website has more than a few topics (and growing) (see top of page), which contain many pages (and growing). Many of our pages (as in the short Bible studies and sermons) have files available in pdf form. Moreover, our books also are in pdf form. Due to many different computers, operating systems, browsers, and varying monitors... the use of pdf files will always work well with any monitor and for printing.

-   Everything is free for downloading.

Sincerely, Ron

Thank you for visiting

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