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A Wyoming Photo Trip From Jackson to Dubois and  Back

    My brother-in-law is a doctor and he and his wife flew into Jackson, Wyoming a few days before a medical seminar. We went to visit them in their very nice room at the Snow King Lodge. After a full day with them around Jackson, the four of us left Jackson in early morning heading east for Dubois, our home town. They had never seen where we live and this one day trip was to rectify that. You are invited to go with us to Dubois and back to Jackson.

First row is heading east with the Grand Tetons north of the highway; the closeups are of a ski-run. Scene 5 is farther along with Tetons distant.

1  2  3  4  5 

Second row is a continuation as we head east crossing a nice trout stream and seeing Mount Moran (Scenes 1and 3 zoomed). The Jackson Hole
Valley is rather long before finally reaching the point of ascent of the Wind River Range, which we shall cross and then descend toward Dubois.
Scenes 4 and 5 are in the widening valley with a pronghorn antelope on the north and a little later cattle on the south.

6  7  8  9  10 

Third row shows some scenes along the highway as we approach Togwotee Pass (Continental Divide) and after a brief visit we continue down.
In Scene 4 notice the distant brown of many dead trees killed by an infestation of pine beetles. Next is a side trip of about 4 miles north on a
back road to Brooks Lake, which is a truly beautiful place in the Absaorka Mountains that run southeast out of Yellowstone Park. The lake area
has campgrounds, boating, and fishing; and it has excellent mule deer and elk hunting. The area also has more than a few Grizzlies and many
black bears. Scene 5 is of Brooks Lake Outlet in late June, which flows down and south into the Wind River.

11  12  13  14  15 

Fourth row has us eight miles west of Dubois. We have descended through some 20 miles of forested mountains. Scene 1 is of rugged
colorful foothills that we call 'badlands'. These are north of the highway and some 10 miles further north is the Absaroka Mountain Range.
Shortly after leaving Togwotee Pass we had been able to see the small and widening stream that is the beginning of the Wind River. South
of Scene 1, just across the highway, is Scene 2 which is the back of a ranchette in Stoney Point subdivision. We turned off and down to
cross the river into the subdivision, and around a bend is Scene 3 of the same ranchette. Then we went on to our little place in the western
edge of  Dubois. Scenes 4 and 5 were taken from a bridge adjoining our home. You can see the Wind River muddied by spring rains and the
red bluff which turns the river eastward again and on toward Riverton. The red bluff begins the south-ascent of the Wind River Mountains.

17  18  19  20  21 

Fifth row: We ate lunch at our place and zipped through our small town and headed into the very different semi-arid environment which
begins many scattered ranches that raise horses and cattle, but primarily raise hay for their own use while much is sold locally, and in the
USA, and abroad. These scenes are of both sides of the highway within twenty miles east of Dubois.

22  23  24  25  26 

Sixth row: Scene 1 is more 'badlands' north of the highway showing Black Mountain. Scene 2 we continued east another 8 miles and turned around
to view the Wind River Mountains. This is the first view of the Wind River Mountains that we had when we moved here 40 1/2 years ago. Then we
had stopped in awe and my wife claimed the high dark mountain. The spot of this view is special to us. Scene 3 is a view from atop a high lookout
across the highway from our place that shows where we live, and you can see the bridge, and behind it you can see just a piece of our property.
Scene 4 is a view facing north and Scene 5 is looking southeast with the Wind River Mountains in background.

27  28  29  30  31 

Seventh row: Some time was spent on our main street and then a little more at our home; then we headed back toward Jackson. About 8:30 pm
we were fortunate to spot a Grizzly just south of the highway and of course we stopped. My brother-in-law took about 5 shots of him. A few years
earlier a sow had twins, a boy and a girl, and last year she had kicked them off as she had the possibility on her mind of more cubs. The twins were
often seen together in the large general area centered around Brooks Lake. Now the male is by himself. Likely a mature male is escorting sister.
Scenes 4 and 5 are north of the highway on our way up toward Togwotee Pass. These mountains are called 'The Pinnacles' and are very close to
Brooks Lake, which is situated in a rather high bowl of a valley.

32  33  34  35  36 

Eighth row: Scenes 1 and 2 are high but heading down toward Teton Hole; we had run through several dark rain showers. Scene 3 we had entered
the valley about 20 miles east of Jackson, still under dark clouds. Scene 4 is of the same herd of antelope as on our morning start. Scene 5 is a
buck-and-rail fence swallowed by spring flowers.

37  38  39  40  41 

Ninth row: Scene 1 is an evening view from balcony of Snow King Lodge and Scene 2 is the same about 20 minutes later. Scene 3 is one
cluster of several clusters of the nicer rooms, condo-style. You can barely see on the upper left my brother-in-law's room, from which the
photos were taken.

42  43  44  

I suspect that you enjoyed the trip.
You are welcome, Ron

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