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Here is a bit of Rocky Mountain Magic. Download this file and watch it with Microsoft Media Player. Enjoy!
Here is more Rocky Mountain Magic.
Our Elk do not come into town like in this Colorado Town

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Ron's Photos - Page 2   - In our West Part of Wyoming

                                                             Pronghorn  Antelope 

                                                            Pronghorn  Antelope   

                                                         Northwest of Casper, Wyoming 

                                                     Near  Cody, Wyoming 

                                                    Rock  Slide  next to Lake 

Scanning the Shoreline                                        Heading Down into Canyon  

Still Heading Down into Canyon                            Likely an Old Cow camp for Line-Riding Cowboys

A High Country Creek                                                   Fishing for Cutthroat Trout 

A Back Yard in the Center of our Town                          At home, a newborn female goat 

Sister                                                     ( Sunlight and twin goats )                 Brother              

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