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Here is a bit of Rocky Mountain Magic. Download this file and watch it with Microsoft Media Player. Enjoy!
Here is more Rocky Mountain Magic.
Our Elk do not come into town like in this Colorado Town

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Ron's Photos - Page 4  -  All Photos are within Thirity Miles of our Home

South (up) behind our place.                                               Above the town and looking down on it.

'Bad Lands' north of town viewed from town's lookout                  More 'Bad Lands' north of town.    

Distant bluff overlooks Wind River                         Brooks Lake, southeast of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Brooks Lake (just over this pass is Wind River Lake                    Upper Reaches of the Wind River.   

Wind River, Wind River Mountains in background                        Wind River Wildflowers. 

Wind River Wildflowers                          Torrey Creek Canyon - southeast of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Ascending trail above Torrey Creek                   Torrey Creek Canyon (in the mountain south of our back yard) 

Torrey Creek descending from Lake Louise.                  Upper trail above Torrey Creek

View from above Torrey Creek                     Dashing Torrey Creek descending from Lake Louise.   

Torrey Creek- southeast of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

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